About Garudio Studiage


Garudio Studiage is a South East London-based creative collective set up by Chris Ratcliffe, Laura Cave, Anna Walsh and Hannah Havana.


With individual specialisms in screen printing, jewellery, drawing and painting, we work on our own projects, or collaboratively, and have taken part in a wonderfully bizarre array of exhibitions and events, as well as making props, displays and products.


The appropriately glamourous and unpronounceable name is derived from the words ‘garage studio’ which is exactly where the venture started out in an old garage loaned to us by ‘Jimmy’ our landlord in Camberwell back in 2003. Working amongst sand, stray cats and broken car parts, we started making screenprints and jewellery for sale and exhibition, and thus the mighty Garudio Studiage was born!


In 2005 we made the move to Peckham’s Bussey Building (then known as CIP House), where we spent 14 glorious years developing our brand of wry humour with handmade quirky and out of the norm jewellery, home accessories and prints. Working among the kebab meat warehouses, sweat shops and churches of a pre-gentrified Peckham was of paramount inspiration, and heavily influenced our lo-fi clashing aesthetic.


With affection we remember the days of chicken wings falling from our studio celing, mouse nests made of Top Shop labels, cockroaches and dead mice gracing our workstations. But rent was cheap, and fun was had.


In 2019 our non-commercial attitude meant rents were becoming unattainable and not so much fun was being had.  We (Anna, Chris and Hannah) jumped at the chance to move to Deptford/New Cross borders with Second Floor Studios and Arts (SFSA) in their new purpose-built artists’ studios. Here we hope to continue making and designing well into our dotage. Laura remains in the Bussey Building focussing on her fair-trade jewellery business, Just Trade.


We still make work for exhibitions and events, but mainly focus on making products which are distributed by the fantastic Turnaround Gifts to shops like The Museum of London, British Library and South London Gallery.  You can also buy all these products direct from our online shop here.



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