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The perfect gift for urban dwelling animal lovers everywhere. If you want a pet, but live in a flat, your dilemma is solved with this adorable range of cardboard cut-outs of the cutest possible pets. All the doting without the guilt and fuss! Each puppy, rabbit and kitten is screen printed by hand on to a freestanding base made from 100% recycled cardboard, so every ones happy! The full range of Flat Pets is available at the Garudio Studiage shop, click here.

Normally happy inside their cosy homes, Flat Pets don’t normally like going outside, but these ones are different. They have set off on journeys around the world & you will be able to see their progress here and check how they are getting on, what they have seen, and who they have met.

Over the last few weeks Gustavus the Penguin visited the Pacific North West. Including Seattle, Vancouver, Alaska, Portland and San Francisco. While there he saw Totem Poles, a wall made of bubble gum, risked his life walking in Bear filled woods, visited Yosemite national Park, Alcatraz, the worlds smallest park and the 'World Domination Summit'.


Patricia the Owl in Barcelona

Patricia the Owl spent a long weekend in Barcelona in search of some winter sun. While there she made friends with Pigeons, saw many sights of historical interest, ate Tapas and searched out the best souvenirs.

Thanks to Molly for showing her around!


Peggy the Kitten in Sydney, Australia

Peggy the Kitten enjoyed a few days away in Sydney visiting the sights. Thanks to Flat Pets number one fan Heather Prince for taking her along!


Neko the Kitten and Usagi the Rabbit in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Neko and Usagi visited Tokyo and Kyoto in July 2011. This is a selection of their photos. While there they saw Monkeys, Temples, Bullet Trains and visited 'real' pets at Cat Magic.


Tarquin the Kitten and Quentin the Rabbit in Berlin and the Baltic Coast.

Tarquin and Quentin spent a few days with the tourists in Berlin where among other things they met a giant chocolate Rabbit! Then they went to the (almost) sunny Baltic coast for a day by the sea. Thanks to Lucy for helping to show them around and for finding them vegetarian food.

Peggy the kitten at the winter olympics in vancouver

Gearing up for London 2012, Peggy visited vancouver to see the olympic sights and watch Curling. Thanks to Heather for organizing another amazing trip for her.


Mr Nibbles' in Brazil

Sadly, Mr Nibbles' trip was cut short by injury and insufficient medical insurance, but not before he got in one nice photo with Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro

Mr. Arguello's all American Road Trip

Starting out from the west coast taking in the sights of Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska and ending in the Mid West, in Chicago. Among the cultural and natural attractions the highlights were Horses, Cattle, tractors, gambling, dinosaurs, guns and camping, among other things. Thanks to Quinn & Emily for chaperoning and assisting.


Peggy the Kitten in San Fransisco

Peggy has been staying with Heather in San Fransisco. While she was there, she has seen the sights and been entertained. She has been to Breaker beach to see the Golden Gate Bridge, been to a Giants Baseball match, where she also met a man with “meat” written on his head, met a police officer, saw a boat called “Kitty Kat”, relaxed with a watermelon beer and had an emotional, but educational visit to the pet cemetery. Thanks to Heather for keeping her entertained and educated.


Tarquin the Kitten in Borneo

Tarquin spent 2 weeks in Borneo and saw some amazing sights, including a rain forest canopy walk, a visit to Turtle Island, and various sights around Brunei, including relaxing on a dolphin statue at the Empire & meeting one of the Sultans Polo Ponies! Thank you to Rozi for showing him around.


Before setting off, the Flat Pets decided to take a tour of their home city, London. 



The full range of Flat Pets is available at the Garudio Studiage shop, click here.