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New garudio Studiage exhibition at The Crypt Gallery, at St Pancras Church, Euston Road, London, NW1 2BA, from Friday 27th Nov to Tuesday 1st Dec 2009.

HATE REALITY? LOVE ANIMALS? SKINT? Garudio Studiage have the perfect project for you with our latest collaborative venture, the Garudio Studiage ‘Fantasy Zoo’.

Garudio have chosen 30 of their favourite artists to receive an imaginary budget of £10,000 to ‘buy’ animals anywhere they can find them and create the zoo of their dreams. The rules are strict but the outcome is open, so expect everything from balloon giraffes to ornamental cats all created with a careful budget in mind.

The exhibition takes place in the ancient and sprawling crypt space of St Pancras Church in Euston, a location that lends itself perfectly to the fanstastical theme. Corridors and crannies will be packed with all forms of animal life…

We are inviting our friends and our favourites to contribute their Zoos in any format they wish: drawing, painting, animation, collage, 3D, sound and any other medium you can imagine.

Along with Garudio Studiage, contributing artists and designers include:

Andy Forshaw
James Dawe
Karin Åkesson
Mike Topping
Hannah Waldron
Danny Sturgess
Laura Gill
Annabelle Hartmann
Sarah Fotheringham
Ivana Bobic
Kenn Munk
Coralie Bickford-Smith
Adam Knight
Tara Langford
Clare Ormerod
and many more

Chris Ratcliffe’s life-size cut-out lion cubs rub shoulders with Adam Knight’s worryingly weird casts of depressing kittens, whilst Anna Walsh presents life size animal drawings and Joseph Yolk’s Haunted Zoo has its entire budget is set aside for post-traumatic psychological treatment.

Brace yourself for Laura Gill’s Voodoo Zoo, a nightmare of illustrated wild folk beasts such as 'TigerBitch' and 'PoodlePoodlePoodle', and after all that, you’ll enjoy the cosy comfort of Laura Cave and Hannah Havana’s miniature world populated entirely by six hundred and sixty six tiny Fimo bunnies.

As well as the exhibition, Saturday 28th November hosts a special Christmas gift sale featuring bargain products from 15 London designers including the likes of Tatty Devine and Peepshow not to mention the mulled wine and cake and general jolliness.

Hannah Havana & Laura Cave

Andy Forshaw

Chris Ratcliffe

Laura Gill

Anna Walsh

Adam Knight

Hannah Waldron


Andrew Rae

Tatty Divine

You can download information about this exhibition as a word format press release, click here