Invasion Manual

(or How To Act In Extreme Situations and Instances Of War)


Chris' piece A Map of Europe in 2016 is included in the Invasion Manual.


In early 2015 The Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence distributed a manual informing its population on How to Act in Extreme Situations and Instances of War. A response to the destabilisation of the region caused by Russian intervention eastern in Ukraine. For Lithuania, invasion a recent memory, there was a real sense that they could be next. On 28th October 2016 the manual was re-issued for the third time. Each re-issue marks a renewed sense of vulnerability, this time heightened by the results of recent elections: ‘Brexit’ has challenged the EU’s future integrity, and the election of Donald Trump raising questions about the future of NATO, with worrying implications for the stability of the region.


The exhibition recasts the manual as a subjective space for horror, reflection or resistance, inviting 10 contributors to produce their own content for it. Each artist has given their own personal response; in the current context of ‘fake-news’ (incubated in the Ukrainian conflict) negotiating a path through fact and fiction, through personal and proximate responses. The responses, in the form of sculptures, performance, scores, posters, videos, maps, essays, paintings, take the form of a printed manual, Invasion Manual, the gallery becoming an information and distribution centre.


The Invasion Manula features:





48 Falcon Road,


SW11 2LR


From 16th - 18th December 2016