‘The North Circular Celestial Menagerie’ Archival print on Hahnemuhle German Etching 310gsm, 40 x 50 cms

‘The Pink Set’ 5 colour screen print on Somerset velvet 250gsm Antique paper, 40 x 50 cms

‘Lynx – The Beast of Barnet’ Archival print on Bockingford 190gsm 42 x 29.7 cms


Lessons In Things


An exhibition of maps, charts and diagrams with an anthrozoologic slant by Anna Walsh.


11-14th April 2019


Private View Thursday 11th April 6pm-8.30pm


Exhibition Open:

Thursday 11th April 1-6pm

Friday 12th April 1-6pm

Saturday 13th April 12-6pm

Sunday 14th April 12-5pm



Newington Gallery

Art Academy London

Old Newington Library

155 Walworth Road


SE17 1RS


This solo exhibition by Anna will feature her ongoing series ‘Lessons in Things’ which is a continual investigation into human/animal relationships.


Anna works with natural history style imagery and methods of categorising in her art practice. Most of her categorising is not scientific, but more ‘folk taxonomic’ in its nature; it is more social or based on local or personal knowledge. Combining traditional skills of observational drawing with digital design to create faux educational charts and maps, her practice seeks to re-imagine and subvert the ways humans categorise and view the natural world.


‘Lessons in Things’ is a direct translation of the French ‘Leçons de Choses’, which is taken from the title of a book of posters by Deyrolle, a Parisian Institution for natural sciences and pedagogy from the 20th century (now a shop and cabinet of curiosities), whose vocation is to ‘show the beauty of nature’.  Leçons de Choses was a method of teaching about nature and life at the end of the nineteenth century, which consisted of using an object or picture to explain an abstract idea. Deyrolle used Pedagogical boards to add emphasis to the ideas that were taught, and the subsequent delightful illustrated posters would be familiar to children all over the world as ways of learning about the world around them, and their imagery is very influential on Anna’s work in this series. The English translation seemed an appropriately vague and arbitrary description for this body of work. 


Featured in this installation will be approximately 20 prints (screen printed or digital), a mixture of classics and new work.


Classic pieces on show will include the ‘Dogs of London’ map and chart (the tea towel version has been a best seller with Garudio Studiage for over a decade), the ‘Peckham Cat Walk’ map, and ‘Big Cats of Britain’ map.


New work will include ‘The North Circular Celestial Menagerie’ and ‘The South Circular Celestial Menagerie’ and ‘London Animal Stars’ all of which feature animal myths and legends of London  in celestial style maps of the skies. ‘Constellations’ featured include  ‘Cetus’ (Sea Monster) - the River Thames Whale; ‘Lynx’ -  The Beast of Barnet; ‘Canes Venatici’ (The Hunting Dogs) – Fenton the YouTube star who chased deer through Richmond Park; ‘Cameleopardalis’ (Giraffe) - The Walworth Giraffes, among 16 altogether. There will also be several screen prints such as ‘The Pink Set’, an intricate 5 colour print of pink (ish) winged beasts, and ‘The Spot Set’ and ‘The Stripe Set’, visual references of animals with stripes or spots. Their titles referring to the fashion world and its frivolous methods of having things in fashion one minute discarded the next. The stripy and spotty animals remind us animal print is not a seasonal pattern, but an important part of nature and survival for many animals. 


This exhibition is dedicated to fellow artist and visionary Sue Gordon.