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Now on show at Ellie's Bakehouse, 46 Choumert Road, SE15 4SE.

Two series' of dog based treats in one place!


The thought process of deciding which dogs to paint for an exhibition, leads to a classification system, in this case the alphabet.

Through classification humans attempt to make order from nature:
Animal - Mammal - Carnivora - Canidae (Dog Like Mammals) - Canini (related to wolves). Dogs: Terriers, Hounds, Working, Toy, Sporting, Utility, Pastoral.
Terriers: Jack Russell, Yorkshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, West Highland… the list goes on!

A common application of alliteration is in books intended for children learning about letters, or for characters in a story book. In Walsh's exhibition it is applied to the titles of her paintings (dog breed and background colour), adding a sense of poetry to the exhibition.

The other main feature is a Dogs of London Map; an illustrated map of where each dog 'lives' in London. It is inspired by traditional map drawings, especially of London, where the river Thames more often than not takes centre stage, splitting the city in half with its curvaceous, winding form. Each of the 35 dogs is placed in their post code area, with an 'explanation' to the sides giving a brief description of each breed. Much of the text is taken from the book 'Champions Dogs of the World' by Richard Hamilton Glyn, as Walsh found the descriptions of the dogs often uncannily describing the inhabitants of certain areas…..

For a large viewable version of the Dogs of London map click here