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Flat Pets Collaboration With Urban Outfitters!

Oh boy do we have some royally exciting Flat Pet news …… !

In honour of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee we have produced a special Flat Pet Corgi exclusively for Urban Outfitters.

As a royal cousin to our growing family of Flat Pets, we hand printed these cute cardboard cutout canines as a limited edition of sixty – one for every year of Her Majesty's reign.


They are available only at Urban Outfitters online so if you are quick you too can own one of the Royals' favourite canine companions, click here to visit them.

Despite his privileged breeding, the Jubilee Corgi is very down to earth and is quite at home with the Kitten, Puppy, Rabbit, Pomeranian and Owl, all perfect pets if you live in a flat! Click here to see the rest of the family!