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From 18th July to 14th August, Garudio Studiage present a brand new installation at Tenderproduct, 6 Cecil Court, London, WC2N 4HE - for a map, click here

We have all heard about the professional sporting events coming to London this summer. And we have all heard about the athletes, the national pride and the crowds that are expected to arrive in their millions.

But the brand guidelines are fierce and the 'get involved' message so very loud and clear! These limitations on the words we are allowed to use, combined with the dread of the transport situation will indeed inspire a sense of competition among us cynical Londoners. Who can push hardest to get on the tube? Who can spend most time waiting for a bus in zone 1? Who will have the longest walk to work? Who can say where they live and what year it is without breaking the law?! Daily miseries that can be called 'alternative games'.

As we are not allowed to use the 'O' word, or mention the city and the year in the same sentence Garudio Studiage have come up with the only sensible option…

we proudly present the 'Stratford Sports Day'!

For the duration of the events tenderproduct becomes the host city to Garudio Studiage's satirical sporting exhibition. By creating their own spoof brand complete with oversized medals and rubbish torches the shop window becomes a cynical microcosm of the brand-heavy, money hungry Olympic phenomenon that is gripping the city this summer.

As well as the exhibits there are medals, torches and teatowels available to buy so even if you're not into sport, you too can take home a little piece of the competition.