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Anna, Hannah, Chris and The Garudio Youth are taking part in the group exhibition Super Duper Nova at the art cinema Øst for Paradis in Aarhus, the show opened on the 18th January and runs until 29th January.

The work in the show has all been made as part of a "collage challenge" - artists sent bits and pieces to each other and made a collage from what they received.
The show is organised by a secret club.

A secret club has also published a 36 catalogue/zine for the show, it can be bought at the cinema or online here


Anna Walsh - A Physical Map of Ireland, with a Vacuum between

Chris Ratcliffe - Spooky Beauty

Garudio Youth - 'Star' An urban village settlement in the Dyatkovsky District of Bryansk Oblast, Russia. Population: 5,003 (2010 Census Preliminary Results)