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Fantasy Zoo brief featured in Digitals Arts 50 Creative Project Briefs

Remember our Fantasy Zoo? Know Digital Arts magazine? And our very own Chris Ratcliffe? Well put them all together and you have another online triumph for Garudio Studiage!

Our Fantasy Zoo exhibition at The Crypt Gallery in 2009 offered a selection of artists and designers an imaginary budget of £10,000 to populate and visualise their ideal fantasy zoo. The fantastically successful responses drew in masses of visitors and sales, and the project brief has been listed in a top 50 creative inspirations in Digital Arts online.

Listed alongside our friends Kenn Munk and Rob Nicol with their amazing project briefs, Chris Ratcliffe is photographed (much to his dismay!) under the shining light of the Garudio Logo in our very own Peckham Studiage! Big up Chris and the project massive!

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